February 19, 2015

UCMC partners with cancer centers across nation to educate oncologists

The University of Chicago Medicine (UCMC) Comprehensive Cancer Center recently joined a partnership with other cancer centers around the nation to help educate oncology professionals earlier this month.

The OncLive’s Strategic Alliance Partnership program will allow academic oncologists at the UCMC Comprehensive Cancer Center to share research findings and new developments to oncology professionals across the nation. Other cancer centers in the alliance program include the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, as well as many other cancer centers associated with research universities.

Mike J. Hennessy Jr., senior vice president of the oncology specialty group which runs OncLive, commented on UChicago joining the Strategic Alliance. “These partnerships benefit all levels of healthcare professionals dedicated to combating cancer, as well as the patients they serve. By collaborating, sharing information, and working together, we broaden the opportunities to find the best approaches to fighting cancer,” he said.

OncLive is a communications platform that extends across print and digital forms with the purpose of educating oncology professionals about information on new products, clinical research, and best practices to improve the outcome for cancer patients. Moreover, the partnership will provide the UCMC’s Comprehensive Cancer Center with an additional outlet to showcase the institution and the faculty’s research to a wider audience.