February 5, 2015

U-Pass referendum set for February 10–12

Student Government will hold a University-wide online referendum from February 10–12 on whether or not to enroll in the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass program. U-Pass is a program that provides unlimited rides to full-time students during the school year.

The referendum, which is nonbinding, is meant to give Student Government a survey of student opinion on U-Pass. If it passes, the proposal will likely be brought to the respective Dean of Students, and would not be implemented until the 2015–16 school year.

The CTA allows universities to join the program by school or division, though all full-time students in participating schools or divisions must take part in the U-Pass program. Every division of the University will be participating in the referendum, except for the School of Social Service Administration, which is already enrolled in U-Pass.

According to the Student Government U-Pass Fact Sheet, U-Pass will be rolled into the Student Life Fee. U-Pass will cost approximately $85 per quarter per student, roughly equivalent to four CTA rides per week. Students on financial aid will have the $85 fee factored into their aid awards.

—Eileen Li