April 27, 2015

Provost announces new administrative cost-cutting initiative

In an email to University-specific faculty and staff last week, Provost Eric Isaacs announced that there would be administrative budget cuts. The email did not specify the exact figures for the cutbacks, but indicated that recent investments such as the Mansueto Library, Logan Center for the Arts, and Campus North Residence Hall and Dining Commons required the University to keep a smaller administrative budget.

“While we are increasing the University’s budget and investments overall in academic areas, we need to reduce spending for administrative operations. This means a change in how we think about administrative costs, not just a temporary adjustment of expenses,” Isaacs wrote in the email.

Neither Isaacs nor the News Office could be reached for further comment.

According to the email, Isaacs and his team are working with offices across campus to locate potential areas of financial inefficiency. Non-academic departments will be the hardest hit by these budget cuts in line with the University’s core mission, Isaacs wrote.

In addition, the University is planning a review of administrative services. In the next few weeks, department and unit leaders will receive more information about their budgets for the upcoming year. In the meantime, staff are encouraged to “offer creative ideas for cost saving.”