April 28, 2015

Divvy adds eight new bike sharing stations in Hyde Park

Marta Bakula / The Chicago Maroon

Last week, Divvy, Chicago’s bike share program, unveiled eight new bike stations in the Hyde Park area. The effort is part of the company’s recent announcement to bring over 176 new bike stations to neighborhoods across the city by June 2015. With the newest set of expansions this week, Chicago became the city with the largest number of bike share stations in America.

On April 16, the popular bike share program opened stations at the intersections of South Lake Park Avenue and East 53rd Street and South Cornell Avenue and East Hyde Park Blvd. The following day, additional bike stations were created at the Museum of Science and Industry, South Ellis Avenue and East 55th Street, South Ellis Avenue and East 53rd Street, South University Avenue and East 57th Street, South Ellis Avenue and East 60th Street, and South Harper Avenue and East 59th Street.

Divvy’s equipment provider filed for bankruptcy last year, delaying planned expansions from the previous spring. However, the yearlong delay allowed the company to obtain all necessary permits and start their expansion on schedule this year, beginning on April 13.

The two-month expansion will result in Divvy’s bike share territory expanding to 87 square miles and 38 percent of the city’s total area. The program will also cover various Chicago neighborhoods with 1.3 million people (56 percent of Chicago residents) and expand across 33 of 50 wards.

After the 2015 expansion is completed, Divvy will become the bike share program with the largest number of stations in North America.