January 18, 2016

New Student-Run Podcast to Showcase Student Narratives

A group of students in the College began work this quarter on The Attic, a new student-produced podcast that will feature personal narratives and unconventional storytelling.

The biweekly podcast will consist of readings related to each episode's theme. Student submissions are selected for each podcast that will be read aloud by hosts, authors, or voice actors.

The organization, currently applying for RSO status, is in the early stages of development. While the details of production are still being determined, the group has received an encouraging number of submissions according to its founders, second-year Wyatt Bland and first-year Margaret Glazier.

The Attic will focus on promoting pieces written by UChicago students. The organization aims to increase appreciation of intimate pieces ranging from creative writing to nonfiction narratives from all facets of student life on campus. As a self-proclaimed “platform for all stories to be heard,” it is dedicated to preserving the art of storytelling.

“We are filling in a space of the University. There are a lot of students who do not know where to turn with their work. We have so many different RSOs that I think The Attic is something fresh and different to do with creative writing or personal stories,” Glazier said.

“A big purpose of ours is to display these works. We want to keep them as much as we can in their original forms,” Bland said.

The idea of the podcast is rooted in conversation. Bland and Glazier hope that The Attic will serve as a medium for individuals who want to share, engage, and respond to matters at hand.

“There are all these stories tucked away and we want to bring them out as curators,” Bland said.

First-year Larkin Smith, a contributor to The Attic, was drawn to its relaxed nature. “I thought the phrase, ‘personal narrative through podcast’ was interesting and I think that the format opened me up more to share something that is very personal,” she said.

Bland and Glazier are enthusiastic about the prospects of The Attic as it evolves to serve the needs of the University of Chicago community. Podcasts will be available on SoundCloud and iTunes after production.

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