October 11, 2016

Fourth-Year Reseated to College Council

Fourth-year Katherine Shen was reseated to College Council (CC) for the academic year on Monday evening.

Former CC member Blaine Crawford will serve as her proxy for fall quarter until Shen returns from her “leave of absence” at the University of Oxford.

It was previously understood that Shen would lose her seat on CC due to her failure to name a proxy by eighth week of spring quarter, a requirement in the CC bylaws under Article II, Section 6.

Parliamentarian Max Freedman told The Maroon that, because Shen is not technically on a study abroad program, “the facts of the circumstances have changed.” Shen’s term abroad in a direct-enrollment program at University of Oxford was treated as a University-imposed leave of absence, which allows a member to keep his or her seat despite failing to name a proxy. 

“I regret any confusion this situation may have caused, and I am grateful to everyone who has helped me navigate the process,” Shen said in a written statement to CC. “With that, I humbly ask each of you to vote to allow me to return to my seat at the end of my leave of absence.”

CC voted unanimously to allow Shen to return.