October 11, 2016

New Student-Focused Publication Arrives on Campus

The Tab is the newest publication on campus. 

Founded in the U.K., the student-focused media startup is now establishing itself in the U.S. and Canada. The UChicago branch will become part of a network that includes over 80 other universities.

Second-years Rachel Bailey and Maya Freddy Jones are working as co-launch managers of The Tab UChicago.

Bailey, an international student from the U.K., was asked over the summer to help set up The Tab at the University. She enlisted Jones to help with the task, and they expect The Tab UChicago to officially launch later this month.

While The Tab’s website does not yet link to a page for University of Chicago news, the branch has already begun to publish articles. These stories are published both online and on The Tab’s app. 

The Tab is basically a mix of everything,” Bailey said. The Tab puts up polls, quizzes, and light, entertainment-driven articles as well as more serious news stories. 

For example, the very first piece published, “An Ode to the Harper Bathroom Graffiti,” featured photographs of what the article calls “the most inspiring pieces of writing on the Harper walls.” The next day, they released a news article about the statue of Georgiana Simpson, which will be the first statue of a woman on campus. 

The Tab UChicago is currently focused on recruiting writers. There will be a group of 10 fellows, each committed to writing three stories per month. A group of contributing writers will also write for The Tab.

“[The Tab] kind of wants to have a perspective that only a UChicago student can provide,” Jones said. 

While Bailey and Jones are not paid for their work, writers can earn money based on the number of times readers interact with their articles online. Fellows are given the opportunity to apply for internships with The Tab as well as with some of the publication’s partner organizations, including Buzzfeed and the Daily Mail

“It’s just a great opportunity for people to speak their minds, have their views heard,” Bailey said. “We want to hear the stories which people aren’t telling.” 

While the deadline to submit fellowship applications was October 10, The Tab UChicago is still open to having contributors join the team.