October 11, 2016

SG General Assembly Confirms New Cabinet

Student Government General Assembly confirmed the Student Government (SG) Cabinet for the academic year on Monday evening. The executive committee is responsible for reviewing applications and interviewing candidates. The cabinet is composed of directors, committee chairs, secretaries, and the parliamentarian.

The Committee on Student Employment is the only new committee for this academic year and will be chaired by graduate student Claudio Sansone. The only unfilled position in the newly appointed cabinet is the Director of Technology.  

According to SG President Eric Holmberg, the committees will be filled by Wednesday. Below are the cabinet positions that were confirmed for the coming year:

Yeju Hwang: Director of Communications 

Mahi Senthilkumar: Deputy Director of Communications 

Andrew Jiang: Director of Finance 

Katherine Chen: Deputy Director of Finance 

Max Freedman: Parliamentarian and Chair of the Constitutional Review Committee 

Justin Jia: Chair of the Committee on Academics in the College 

Preethi Raju: Chair of the Committee on RSOs 

Noel Rubio: Chair of Committee on Campus Sustainability 

Anthony Downer: Chair of the Committee on Student Services 

Claudio Sansone: Chair of the Committee on Student Employment 

Alice Kallman: Chair of the Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Committee 

James Hilton: Chair of SGFC 

Devshi Mehrotra: Chair of CAT 

Akanksha Shah: Chair of the Community Service Fund 

Melissa Bosem: Chair of the PCC 

Sara Zubi: Chair of the Sports Club Fund 

Sammie Spector: Chair of Uncommon Fund 

Jessica Law: Chief Secretary 

Molly Imgruet: Assistant Secretary 

Laura Rossi: Assistant Secretary