October 25, 2016

GC Proclaims Neutrality on Issue of Graduate Student Unionization

Graduate Council (GC) passed a resolution Monday evening expressing neutrality on the issue of graduate student unionization.

The resolution was proposed by GC Co-Chairs Jake Nebergall and Carlos Grandet-Caballero. They said they wanted to have a “unified” stance for answering questions about GC’s position on unionization.

The resolution states that GC will commit time at meetings, along with other resources, to provide a forum to afford graduate students and their representatives the opportunity to ask questions about the pros and cons of unionization.

“This is a moment for you to discuss your position,” Grandet-Caballero said. “We think this is the best course of action. The student body is composed of those in favor and those against, and we represent all of them.”

The body expressed interest in further discussion and research, and in the possibility of taking a firmer stance at a later date. The resolution passed 11–2–2.