UChicago Manual of Style

The Maroon's fashion feature rigorously inquires: "Who are you wearing?"

By Jessica Hwang

Courtesy of Jessica Hwang





November 21, 2016


I’m Terry Hines. I’m a fourth year in the college, TAPS major. I’m part of Blacklight Magazine, Fire Escape Films, and Southside Scribblers.

I like to pull from a lot of things. Right now, I’m on a streetwear kick. When I first came to school, I…I went to East Coast prep, honestly, just to be very forward about it. And I still have a lot of nautical stripes in my wardrobe, which I brought from home. Last year, I started buying a lot of black. And this year I’m really into portrait tees.


Terry got this dashiki from a street carnival on the Midway his second year.

Jessica Hwang

My style’s become more of a streetwear look. Growing up on the East Coast, it used to be very preppy. And I can still appreciate that style. But eventually I’m going to get a job--I’ll have every day of my working life to wear a collar. So I can be more creative now while I’m in college, take advantage of the fact that I’m twenty now and dress like I’m thirty later.

The change happened with my Jordan 1s. I knew about them in high school and thought they were cool. I was also aware it didn’t fit the look that I had, so it wasn’t worth the investment. But I started changing my look in college--buying these Jordans definitely acknowledged the confidence I had to change my look, and the direction I was trying to take it.

"Growing up on the East Coast, [I] used to be very preppy."


2013 Jordan 1 highs

Jessica Hwang

I’ve always worn a watch. Jewelry is always a cool accessory, but watches also happen to be functional--I wear my watch every day. It’s both a tool and an accessory, so it warrants an investment. But I’m also in college. I live a rough life. This watch has lasted a year, and I’m glad I didn’t invest a ton in it. I invest in a look, not a name. Things change, especially at this point in my life. My look has changed over the years. There are things I spent a ton of money on in high school that will rarely make it into my wardrobe today. That was part of a learning experience, figuring out what is really worth investing in.


"I’ve always worn a watch. Jewelry is always a cool accessory, but watches also happen to be functional."

Jessica Hwang

I like to pull from my environment. I followed fashion weeks in high school--that stopped in college, because I just didn’t have the time anymore. What I like to do now is go out to Chicago and see what’s going on in the city. The city is so diverse in and of itself. On almost anyone, you can find something about their outfit that you like. That’s what I really appreciate about Chicago--so many different influences that have inspired me throughout the years.

The CTA is a great place to watch for style. You get a wild mix of people…that is, if you pay attention out in the city, instead of being in your own bubble. On campus, we’re all so busy thinking about what we have to do next. But when I’m out in the city, I really like to relax and absorb what’s going on. —TERRY