November 8, 2016

WHPK Leadership Will Discuss the Future of the Station

Yesterday, WHPK leadership announced on Facebook that a “working group” of WHPK and University representatives will be meeting soon to discuss the future of the station.

“We are optimistic about this step, because it means they have heard our demands and felt obliged to respond,” WHPK wrote in a statement on the Save WHPK” Facebook page.

WHPK has been operating on a reduced schedule since September, when new policies revoked the station’s privileges to use Reynolds Club when the building is closed. Since then, the station has organized multiple forms of protest, including a calling campaign and a DJ-In on the quad.

“Because WHPK is an important part of our campus community and due to their unique programming hours, we are aggressively working with the WHPK station manager to help find a solution for continued 24-hour programming, including remote broadcasting capabilities,” wrote News Office spokeswoman Marielle Sainvilus in an e-mail last month.