February 16, 2016

Nicky’s Chinese Food Fails Inspection

Nicky’s Chinese Food, a Hyde Park Chinese restaurant, failed a food inspection on February 4 due to rodent droppings and improper temperatures in the restaurant.

Since opening in 2012, the restaurant, has failed four food inspections and received five passes contingent upon certain changes. Reasons behind previous inspection failures included poor employee hygiene practices, rodent infestations, and unsanitary equipment, utensils, and working conditions.

The public report on the February 4 inspection documents over 30 mouse droppings, as well as improperly stored food.

Despite the failed inspections and poor reviews on Yelp, third-year Nicholas Coyle enjoys eating Nicky’s Chinese food.

“I’ve ordered from Nicky’s consistently for the last year,” Coyle said. “It’s the only place in Hyde Park where I can get good ‘bad’ Chinese food. It’s also one of the only Chinese take-out places open until midnight.” He particularly enjoys Nicky’s sesame chicken.

James Lasker, a graduate student in the department of astronomy and astrophysics, visited the restaurant a little over a year ago. Unlike Coyle, he had a negative experience.

“The restaurant was a fairly pleasant eating environment. It was somewhat quiet and decently lit due to the large windows. However, it wasn’t exactly clean. The table was dirty and the bathroom was very cluttered with cleaning equipment...” Lasker said.

On his visit to Nicky’s, Lasker ordered pork lo mein and dumplings. “I’ve had good greasy Chinese food, but this was not it,” he said. Lasker has not been back since.

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