February 26, 2016

Music Festival Moved to Jackson Park for 2016

Jackson Park will host this year’s Spring Awakening Music Festival, which has been held on Soldier Field for the past four years. The festival will be taking place from June 10–12 and has been relocated to Jackson Park due to a scheduling conflict at Soldier Field. Jackson Park is near the University’s campus, located behind the Museum of Science and Industry.

The football stadium will now host the 100th anniversary of the Copa America, an international soccer tournament that could bring teams from Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico to Chicago this summer.

Grammy-nominated headliners such as Diplo and Skrillex have previously performed at the EDM festival, and this year’s lineup will be announced later this spring.

The founder of the festival, Jeff Callahan, issued a press release about the change in location. “Over the past year we’ve explored potential venues that have bigger footprints, and with 500+ acres of lakefront greenery, Jackson Park turned out to be a prime location,” Callahan said.

Some Hyde Park locals are worried about the relocation of the event, citing traffic, noise pollution, and its effect on nature, as well as a lack of proper space and facilities to host the music groups attending the concert.

The Jackson Park Advisory Council is anticipating the impact of the concert’s relocation. President of the Council, Louise McCurry, says that the concert might increase funds going towards the park’s facilities and repairs. She also mentioned the idea of a generational impact on the park. With the festival relocation, younger generations may be inclined to visit Jackson Park.

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