February 5, 2016

Chase Bank on 53rd Robbed Second Time in Three Weeks

Update (2/6/2016): Since this article was published, the FBI announced that they suspect a single person in both of the robberies mentioned. That man is suspected in a total of five bank robberies in Chicago since January 19. The FBI is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of the man dubbed "The Pinball Bandit" based on the frequency and proximity of the robberies.

The Chase Bank at East 53rd Street’s Kimbark Plaza was robbed on Tuesday for the second time in less than

a month. A different person is suspected for each robbery.

During Tuesday’s robbery, a six-foot-tall man entered the bank about 20 minutes before its 6 p.m. closing time and demanded money from the teller. He presented a note implying that he had a weapon, though he did not display one. He then ran out of the building with the money the teller gave him. The incident was captured on the bank’s surveillance camera.

Less than three weeks prior, the same bank was robbed at 5:50 p.m. by a 5-foot-10 male. This man also implied a weapon and ran from the bank with the money just before it closed for the day. In both cases, the amount of money taken was not made public.

The FBI has stated that the two robberies do not appear to be related, according to DNAInfo. “We have not connected him to any other bank robberies at this time,” FBI spokesman Garrett Croon said of the more recent suspect.

The FBI will offer a reward to anyone for tips that lead to the arrest of the suspects. Employees at the 53rd Street Chase Bank declined to comment.

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