February 5, 2016

SG Launches Survey of College Academics

Last Tuesday, Student Government released a survey to gather data on students’ academic experiences in their quarterly newsletter. The survey was created by the Committee on Academics in the College (CAC) with the purpose of using the collected data to inform future Student Government projects. 

According to Vo Yoon, the chair of the committee, the survey tries to verify whether the university has delivered on its promises to provide students with greater academic support. The data the survey compiles might be used to convey overall student sentiment about academics to the administration and bolster efforts for change.

The survey asks respondents to comment on their experiences with the core curriculum, academic advising, and accessibility to course materials such as textbooks.  Additionally, it asked respondents whether they consider themselves to be first-generation or low-income students. The survey also asks respondents whether they have knowledge of the various free academics resources offered to students such as core tutors or the Academic Skills Assessment Program (ASAP).

Yoon hopes that the data might also be used to analyze whether students from less privileged backgrounds are aware of these resources and how often they might make use of them. 

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