March 1, 2016

Class of 2019 Representative Resigns from College Council

On February 16, Class of 2019 Representative Paulina Torres announced her resignation from College Council, citing her desire to focus on other RSOs. Torres came in third place with 138 votes during elections last October.

College Council is the primary governing body for the undergraduate division of Student Government (SG). During her time as representative, Torres served on the Campus Dining Advisory Board and the Transportation Security Advisory Board.

Second-year Eric Holmberg, chair of College Council, said Torres’s resignation was unexpected.

“Paulina was super engaged as a representative. She decided that she would rather focus on specific RSOs rather than on campus-wide issues. There is a challenge in jumping in your first week of college and running for [SG], and she gave it a sincere effort,” he said.

The SG bylaws dictate that the vacant spot be offered to the student who was the next highest vote earner during elections last October. Holmberg said that College Council has already begun the process of contacting potential students to fill the vacancy.

College Council has also begun the process of seeking spring quarter replacements for two more class representatives: fourth-year Ted Barrett and third-year Louisa Richardson-Deppe.

“Next quarter, Ted Barrett is graduating, so we just approved his permanent proxy, [fourth-year] Holly Rapp. Louisa Richardson-Deppe is going abroad during the spring, so we will be getting a permanent proxy for her as well,” Holmberg said.

Richardson-Deppe hopes to return to College Council in the fall, and will campaign for her seat again while abroad.

Torres declined to comment.

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