April 8, 2016

Prominent Brazilians to Speak on Corruption, Development at Conference

The Brazilian Undergraduate Student Conference, which brings together Brazilian leaders and international students to discuss challenges facing Brazil, is taking place at the University of Chicago this weekend.

The conference invites experts from a diverse mix of industries who will lecture and engage in panel discussions on various pressing issues in Brazil. The event received significant attention among Brazilians studying overseas, with tickets selling out days in advance. Notable speakers this year include Sérgio Moro, Marina Silva, Joaquim Levy, and Pérsio Arida.

Sérgio Moro, a federal judge in Brazil who presided over a high-profile corruption and bribery case nicknamed Operation Car Wash (Operação Lava Jato) involving top government officials and business executives, will deliver a lecture on corruption and development in Brazil.

Marina Silva, who served as Brazil’s minister of environment under the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, will speak on the challenges of sustainable development.

Joaquim Levy, who has served as Brazil’s minister of finance and as the chief financial officer of the World Bank, and Pérsio Arida, who served as the president of the Central Bank of Brazil, will discuss the Brazilian economic crisis.

The conference was first conceived in 2013 by a group of Brazilian undergraduate students who wanted to create a platform to discuss contemporary issues in Brazil. Since then, the Brazilian Undergraduate Student Conference has been held annually by the national Brazilian Student Association (BRASA) and the University of Chicago Brazilian Student Association (BSA).

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