May 27, 2016

Summer Storage Policy Changes Reversed

College Housing said in an e-mail on Wednesday that it will reverse the updated summer storage policy it announced last week. The new policy was to limit students to four boxes, no larger than 13x13x17 inches, and banned mini-fridges, suitcases, plastic bins, and bikes in trunk rooms.

The current policy, to which Housing has decided to revert, allows students to store five boxes instead of four with no size limit. Students may also replace one of five boxes with a refrigerator and must store all other items in a box, bin, or trunk.

“In recent years, we have seen increased demand for the Trunk Room program,” Director of Residential Services Dominic Petruzzelli said in Wednesday’s e-mail to the housing community. “The program was recently evaluated and changes were recommended; however, after receiving additional feedback, we will continue to review the policies and procedures related to the trunk room.”

Several students expressed disappointment at the short-notice change in policy when it was announced and started a petition online to revert to the old policy. Housing had suggested that students use off-campus storage for the items they could not fit under the new regulations, which writers of the petition said was not feasible for low-income students. The petition had received 410 signatures as of Wednesday evening.

“Given that this change has not been widely publicized until the beginning of eighth week of spring quarter, it creates significant difficulty for low-income students who must now find a way to store their items over the summer,” the petition read. “In announcing a new policy that creates an additional cost for students without providing any advance notice, College Housing creates a barrier for economically diverse students at this institution.”

According to Petruzzelli’s Wednesday e-mail, Housing will reevaluate Trunk Room guidelines for next year.

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