January 23, 2017

OBS Raises Thousands for Haiti

The Organization of Black Students (OBS) hosted a benefit dinner on January 21 for the Haitian victims of Hurricane Matthew, a Category 5 hurricane that devastated parts of Haiti in October 2016. 

The event, hosted in the Cloister Club in Ida Noyes Hall with more than 100 people in attendance, featured authentic Haitian food and entertainment. 

“[We want to] just bring awareness to places that are often neglected,” second-year and OBS community service chair Rahmel Robinson said. “You would think that everything was fine two weeks after [the hurricane]...[but] a place like that doesn't recover in two weeks.”  

The proceeds will go to Hope for Haiti, an organization that provides medical supplies, care, education, and clean water and food to Haitians in need.  

Robinson, who organized the event, said it will benefit both the charity and the people attending. 

“I just thought it would be a great way to make money and have people contribute to a cause while also feeding themselves,” Robinson said. 

The sold-out dinner was catered by Kizin Creole, a Haitian restaurant in Chicago, and featured performances by the University of Chicago’s Rhythmic Bodies in Motion and Haitian rapper Lizzie G.  

Robinson said the event ended up raising more than $2,000.  

“Fifteen dollars isn't a crazy amount of money, but for some people, it might be a bit substantial just because of their personal finances or whatever,” Robinson said. “As long as enough people come together, you can make an impact with however little that you can give.”