April 2, 2017

University Files Updated Joint Amicus Brief Opposing New Immigration Order

On Friday, the University of Chicago joined 30 other universities in filing an amicus brief opposing President Donald J. Trump’s revised executive order restricting immigration from six predominantly Muslim countries. 

In February, the University filed a brief with 16 other universities in opposition to Trump’s original executive order. The order was scaled back in March in an effort to avoid the legal blocks and bureaucratic tumult that resulted from the first ban. Since the original filing, university backing for the new brief has nearly doubled, with 14 new universities joining the amici, including Georgetown University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Southern California. 

Amicus briefs are filed by individuals or institutions who are non-litigants in a case but who have a strong interest or stake in the subject matter. 

“In light of their educational missions, amici have a strong interest in ensuring that individuals from around the globe can continue to enter the United States and share their unique skills and perspectives,” the brief reads. 

The brief cites the University of Chicago’s high recruitment of international students and professors, including 24 percent of faculty and academic appointees and 65 percent of postdoctoral researchers.