April 20, 2017

Spirit Week to Run Until Sunday

From yesterday until next Sunday, the University will be celebrating its annual Spirit Week. Spiritual Life and cultural RSOs on campus will present events that encourage students to learn more about different religions on campus and meet new people.

“Spirit Week celebrates the coming together and the working together of different traditions,” Director of Spiritual Life Jigna Shah told the News Office.

The opportunities offered include open religious services, including a khutbah and Shabbat, where students can observe and listen to sermons. There will also be lectures by local religious leaders on interpretations of religious texts, and forums in which guests can ask questions about spirituality.

Additionally, Spirit Week features events that focus on volunteer work. On Wednesday, a local activist discussed the intersection between spirituality and service work. On Saturday, students will gather to make and deliver food to homeless people.

This will be the sixth Spirit Week celebrated at the University. A full schedule of the week’s events is available online.