May 11, 2017

Obama Foundation Announces Chief Digital Officer

The Obama Foundation announced today that Glenn Brown will be its chief digital officer. 

Brown works with Betaworks, a New York–based startup studio, and he is on the board of directors at The Texas Tribune. He previously worked at Twitter and YouTube.  

“President Obama has challenged us to develop digital media and tools to help…connect the Foundation’s hub on the South Side of Chicago to people around the world,” Brown said in a press release. “We look forward to partnering with media makers and technology developers large and small, and everyday citizens from all walks of life, toward this end.” 

In a Medium post today, Brown wrote, “We’re building a team. Think of it like a cross between a start-up and a creative agency for citizenship. In-house, that will mean an all-star team of makers: creative, editorial, and technical.”  

He also said that the Foundation’s digital team will look at why “life online has taken a turn toward silos,” linking to The Wall Street Journal’s Blue Feed, Red Feed project which visualizes the difference between a conservative and liberal Facebook feed.