May 22, 2017

Seminary Co-Op Hosts Second Town Hall

The Seminary Co-Op hosted a second town hall meeting Saturday to update members on the standing of the bookstore as well as receive feedback on ideas for the future.

Co-Op director Jeff Deutsch spoke about the history of the Co-Op and addressed questions and concerns from shareholders and members at the meeting. Deutsch said that though the Co-Op will likely see a year of growth again, it will lose money at the end of the fiscal year and asked members for feedback on ideas to improve the bookstore’s standing.

“We’re committed to two core initiatives,” Deutsch said. “We want to maintain the character of the exceptional stores we are currently stewarding and bring the idea of the Co-Op to those who cannot participate as often as they’d like.”

One member worried that the previous town hall meeting on April 17 was not accessible to enough members because it was during a workday and not publicized enough. Deutsch told members that the Co-Op is working on ideas to increase and improve its presence in the community and said he plans to hold future town hall meetings as well.

“We don’t want the fiction of a co-op, we want the reality of a co-op,” Deutsch said. “We want the reality of a co-op as it relates to governance but also the spirit of a co-op as it relates to community involvement.”

Some of the Co-Op’s efforts include a newly updated website, a 21 percent increase in children’s sections of the bookstore, and a podcast that will be made public in the coming weeks. Deutsch asked members for additional ideas to “increase the Co-Op’s presence in the world.”

Some of the members’ ideas ranged from redoubling efforts to engage with local media to sending out a survey of book-buying habits to strengthening the bookstores’ connection with students.

Deutsch said he was compiling a list of ideas and thanked the town hall members for their dedication to the Co-Op, urging them to vote on Co-Op matters and to continue to buy books.


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