May 25, 2017

The Triad: Capturing the People of Hyde Park

Last summer, fourth-year anthropology major and longtime photographer Luke Sironski-White turned his lens on Hyde Park. Now, as White looks toward graduation, he spoke with The Maroon about his unfinished photo series.

The images presented here account for a small selection of the untitled collection, which explores the relationship between University of Chicago students, the University administration, and community members unaffiliated with the University.

“Hyde Park and the University of Chicago have a complicated history, one bound up with racist policies, economic discrimination, and gentrification—concrete realities that have more recently been obscured by a neighborhood that seems to be changing by the minute. We, as temporary members of this community, are not able to fully absorb just how much has changed,” Sironski-White said in an e-mail.

“As I've spent my time here, walking around the greater neighborhood and attending the University, I've realized something about this place; there’s a very surreal air to Hyde Park, something impenetrable about it, and I hope that these pictures convey that feeling.”

After graduation, Sironski-White will be continuing his work with photojournalist Jon Lowenstein, who plans to display work at the Paris Biennale this September.


Portrait: Campus Photographers

By Grace Hauck

The Maroon sat down with digital media artists Luke White and Chris D'Angelo.



April 10, 2017