January 4, 2018

Seventeen Special Professorships Awarded to UChicago Faculty

Seventeen faculty members have been awarded named professorships or distinguished service professorships.

In a December announcement, Daniel Arber, Christopher Berry, Mark Courtney, Fred M. Donner, Steven Durlauf, Dwight N. Hopkins, Bana Jabri, John D. Kelly, Howard Nusbaum, Louis H. Philipson, James T. Robinson, Stuart Rowan, and Chad Syverson accepted named professorships.

Michael Foote, Sydney Hans, Heinrich Jaeger, and Carole Ober were named distinguished service professors.

Of the named professorships, three came from the Biological Sciences Division. Meanwhile, the Harris School of Public Policy, the Social Sciences Division, and the Divinity School each had two professors awarded named professorships. The Booth School of Business, the Institute for Molecular Engineering, the School of Social Service Administration, and the Humanities Division each had one.

The service professorships were awarded to one professor from the Biological Sciences Division, one from the School of Social Service Administration, and two from the Division of the Physical Sciences.


University Announces New Mackauer Professorship

By Brad Subramaniam

Anthropology professor John D. Kelly was awarded the professorship.


January 4, 2018

Louis Philipson Honored with First Diabetes Professorship

Daksh Chauhan