December 3, 2018

Basketball Dominates on the Road

The Maroon women’s basketball team soundly defeated Elmhurst College’s Bluejays 73–54 on Saturday afternoon. 

Despite trailing 18–15 during the first quarter, the Maroons quickly rebounded, ending halftime ahead at 39–30. Elmhurst proved helpless as the Maroons kept their lead for the rest of the game.  

The Maroons’ dominance was evident statistically, as Chicago led Elmhurst by 8.6 percent in shooting percentage, 36.1 percent to 27.5 percent. The Maroons also secured nine assists to Elmhurst’s six. Defensively, Chicago captured 48 rebounds to the Bluejays’ 45 and scored 17 points off turnovers compared to the opponent’s nine.  

Third-year guard Mia Farrell recorded 19 points, her best performance in the season so far. To this offensive sum, she added four defensive steals. Other standout performers include third-years Taylor Lake, with 14 points and five rebounds, and Miranda Burt, with 13 points and four rebounds, as well as first-year forward Klaire Steffens, who scored nine points and dominated defensively with 11 rebounds. 

The Maroon men’s basketball team enjoyed similar success, defeating Kalamazoo College 82–72 on the same day. 

The University of Chicago got off to a lightning start, quickly leading by double digits.  By halftime, the Maroons were ahead 38–23. Despite attempts at a rally by Kalamazoo in the second half, the Maroons ended the night with a double-digit lead, 82–72.  

Star players for the night included second-year Dominic Laravie, who scored 14 points, including eight from free throws. A pair of guards, third-year Jordan Baum and fourth-year Noah Karras, combined for 20 points. Fourth-year guard Max Jacobs and second-year forward Brennan McDaniel came off the bench and each added 10 points. Meanwhile, fourth-year Ryan Jacobsen and third-year Mattia Colangelo earned a combined 15 points and 14 rebounds, helping the Maroons keep up their strong lead throughout the game. 

Chicago led Kalamazoo in shooting percentage by a whopping 12.9 percent—an impressive 50 percent to the Hornets’ 37.1 percent. Rounding out a strong offensive performance, the Maroons recorded 18 assists, 10 more than Kalamazoo’s eight. The Maroons also took away six more rebounds, 44 to 38. 

The Maroons leave the game with a strong 5–2 record. They hope to continue their dominance on Saturday, December 8, against Albion College.