April 7, 2018

Professor Helps to Organize Downtown Rally in Solidarity With Victims of State Violence

Several dozen people attended the rally.

Grace Hauck / The Chicago Maroon

Adom Getachew, an assistant professor of political science and a member of Chicago's Resist, Reimagine, Rebuild (R3) Coalition, helped coordinate a rally at Daley Plaza Wednesday night in solidarity with victims of state violence.

Planned on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., the rally highlighted the recent shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, as well as the shooting at UChicago earlier this week, where campus police shot a student who was wielding a large metal pole and breaking windows.

“What happened at the University of Chicago is emblematic of what we see around policing in other contexts—certain kinds of responses when there is no alternative except to call 911, and we have to create alternative kinds of responses in our communities,” Getachew told The Maroon.

Postdoctoral Fellow Guy Emerson Mount, along with several other professors and students, attended the rally. Black Lives Matter organizer Kofi Ademola, who lives near Hyde Park, spoke at the Daley Plaza rally, as well as at the GSU rally on Thursday.