April 9, 2019

New Health and Society Minor Being Offered Next Fall

The University will offer a new Health and Society Minor program beginning next fall, initiated by faculty in the Department of Comparative Human Development. The minor is open to students of all majors and intends to offer students the opportunity to explore the social, political, and economic processes that shape individual and population health.

The minor requires Introduction to Health and Society, a new class being offered next year, as well as four approved Health and Society Minor courses. Introduction to Health and Society will introduce students to research approaches in the social sciences, as well as feature various social scientist guest lecturers throughout the quarter.

Students who minor in Health and Society will also be invited to participate in additional events organized by the Minor Committee.

“We are going to be trying to have some opportunities in addition to the classes which will be made available specifically to the students who will be doing this minor,” Faculty Chair of the Health and Society Minor Committee Eugene Raikhel said. The Minor Committee is currently exploring possible site visits, scholar talks, and master classes for students in the program. “We’re thinking about different kinds of more experiential learning opportunities we can offer,” Raikhel said.

Classes approved to count toward the additional four courses may come from departments including anthropology, comparative human development, sociology, history, economics, public policy studies, and political science. A complete list of courses compatible with the minor can be found on the program’s website. There will be an open house on the Health and Society Minor, as well as other new social science minors being offered next fall, on May 8th from 2–4 p.m. in the Social Science Research Building’s second-floor Tea Room.