May 30, 2019

Boyer Email to Undergrads on Industrial Action

Courtesy of The University of Chicago

On Thursday night, ahead of a planned labor action by Graduate Students United (GSU), Dean of the College John Boyer emailed all University of Chicago undergraduates. The full text of the email is reproduced below.

Dear Student,

As you may know, a group of graduate students have announced a call to encourage the University of Chicago graduate student teaching community to strike at some time this quarter. Although the exact timing is not yet clear, I want to share information to help you prepare. 
As always, the University stands for freedom of expression and will protect our graduate students’ right to protest in a non-disruptive manner. At the same time, you have the right to your education and to successfully complete the quarter. This includes the right to freely enter and exit buildings, classrooms, workspaces, and areas where research is conducted. 

The University has planned ahead for a number of contingencies. So that you may as well, we offer the following guidance.

•   Attend class. If your class is without an instructor for 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin, please leave and notify your College adviser.

•   Continue your work. Prepare for finals and write papers as planned. If your instructor is not available to receive completed work, please notify your College adviser.

•   Know what is permitted. Strikers have the right to lawfully picket, and you have the right to attend class. If you are blocked from entering buildings or classrooms, please notify your College adviser.

•   Report unresponsiveness. If your emails to instructors do not receive a response, please notify your College adviser.

Over the next week, we will update you if there are relevant developments. If you have questions or would like additional guidance, please contact your College adviser.


John W. Boyer
Dean of the College