July 28, 2019

Obama Center CBA Ordinance Introduced; UC Med Nurses Picket | Newsletter for July 29

By Elaine Chen   , Lee Harris   , and Deepti Sailappan   

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Good morning. We’re halfway through summer break 🌴

After years of organizing, activists have pushed an ordinance aimed at addressing displacement concerns brought by the forthcoming Obama Center into City Hall.

  • If passed, the ordinance would establish stricter affordable housing requirements and call for a study to assess the appropriateness of imposing fees on large local developers—potentially the University.
  • “We support [the aldermen] in their ongoing work to enhance residential stability…. We have concerns with the ordinance as currently proposed, however,” the University said in a statement.

An Illinois law signed last Friday will require all public single-occupant bathrooms to be open to users of any gender. It goes into effect on January 1, 2020.

  • A working group with the Center for Identity + Inclusion has been discussing University practices regarding single-user bathrooms since 2018.

Close to 200 retired and soon-to-retire faculty members have mobilized over a switch in the retiree healthcare plan that occurred without faculty consultation.

  • Many retirees say that under the new plan, they’ve faced steep bills while awaiting reimbursements for procedures—something that did not happen when they were on Medicare on the previous plan.

UC Med Nurses last week picketed outside the University of Chicago Medical Center, citing unsafe working conditions and inadequate staffing and rallying to express numerous grievances.

  • Illinois State Senator Robert Peters, State Representative Fred Crespo, and members of the University of Chicago Labor Council, a coalition of Hyde Park labor organizations, joined the nurses’ rally.

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President Donald Trump earlier this month appointed UChicago public policy professor Tomas Philipson as acting chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors.

  • Philipson, a health economist at the Harris School of Public Policy, has praised Trump’s tax cuts and deregulatory agenda, and advocates for privatized health care.

John Paul Stevens (A.B. ’41), the third-longest serving Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, passed away on July 16.

  • Stevens served as editor-in-chief and columnist for this campus paper—then called the Daily Maroon—and participated keenly in many aspects of campus life.
  • Read clippings of Stevens’ writings on Greek Life here.

Hyde Park on TV: The NBC show Chicago P.D. is scheduled to film in the neighborhood today and tomorrow.

  • Sections of 53rd and 54th Streets will be closed temporarily.

In Arts

Editor Perri Wilson writes in:

In telling a deeply personal story interlaced with humor and drama, Lulu Wang in her latest movie The Farwell highlights the cultural divides which permeate the lives of Chinese-Americans and walks us through the complicated process of approaching those divides with an open mind and heart.

In an interview with The Maroon, Wang said, “I never directed the actors like they were in a comedy, they never knew it was supposed to be funny…. For me humor is found is context and juxtaposition.”

In the movie Stuber, there were some funny moments, but for the most part they were overshadowed by a bulky plot and a little too much violence.

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