October 12, 2020

Winners of Fall 2020–21 Student Government Elections Announced


Courtesy of Marco Verch

Winners of the fall 2020–21 student government election were announced on Monday evening. In each class, the four candidates who received the most votes from their peers were selected for College Council in an election that ran from Friday evening to Monday evening.

The election’s winners are as follows.

Class of 2024:

Ash Arian, with 159 votes; Connor Lee, with 166 votes; Julia Brestovitskiy, with 182 votes; and Nikki Solanki, with 192 votes.

Class of 2023:

Lydia Martin, with 66 votes; Summer Long, with 99 votes; Tyler Okeke, with 137 votes; and Bianca Simons, with 138 votes.

Class of 2022:

Harry Gardner, with 4 votes; John Fuentes, with 67 votes; Dinesh Das Gupta, with 84 votes; and Zebeeb Nuguse, with 90 votes.

Class of 2021:

Kevin Yan, with 22 votes; Katie DeLong, with 24 votes; Naa Ashitey, with 27 votes; and Firouz Niazi, with 27 votes.

All winners have accepted their positions, according to Student Government Chairman of the Elections and Rules Committee Max Freedman, and will serve on this year’s College Council.