October 20, 2020

College Council Selects Final 2022 Representative in Tiebreaker Vote

Harper's book stacks.

Harper's book stacks.

Courtesy of Courtesy of Regenstein Special Collections

Allen Abbott will serve as the Class of 2022’s fourth College Council representative following a tiebreaker vote held on Tuesday evening.

College Council’s members voted 11–2 to elect Abbott in Tuesday’s vote. The election followed a debate in which he and rival candidate Evita Duffy made the case for their candidacies before College Council and a period of deliberation by College Council.

Abbott stressed his status as a college council outsider in his speech.

“I’d be in a unique position to engage with students who aren’t engaged in the first place with College Council,” Abbott said. 

The tiebreaker vote was prompted by a vacancy among the Class of 2022’s College Council representatives following the election of third-year Zebeeb Nuguse as chair. Abbott and Duffy each received two write-in ballots, forcing the College Council to vote in a tiebreaker.

Abbott will join current College Council members Dinesh Das Gupta, John Fuentes, and Harry Gardner as the Class of 2022’s representatives for the 2020–21 school year.