September 16, 2020

Spilling Ink: Publications Around UChicago

Research the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, criticize the lights out of the 2020 presidential candidates, or give your two cents on how pop culture involves and rejects politics with "The Gate."

Courtesy of The Gate

UChicago’s Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are awaiting further safety guideline announcements from the University administration. More information to follow in the coming quarters. 

With an alumni network that includes writers like Kurt Vonnegut, Saul Bellow, Roger Ebert, Susan Sontag, Studs Terkel, and Sarah Koenig, UChicago has myriad platforms for anyone to unleash the power of the written word. Whether you are looking to hone your journalism skills or perform spoken word, your writing will find its home at one (or more!) of UChicago’s many RSOs. Through print or podcast, here are some of the organizations (via non-exhaustive list) that will get your word out on campus:  

The Chicago Maroon is UChicago’s independent student newspaper. Founded in 1892, it also happens to be one of the oldest college papers in the U.S. Published every week, the paper boasts famous alumni including Obama’s senior advisor David Axelrod (A.B. ’76) and journalist and former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (A.B. ’41). The Maroon is always looking for fresh faces to contribute to its five written sections (News, Viewpoints, Grey City, Arts, and Sports) or its design, copy editing, photo, video, and multimedia sections. Whether you want to spout your opinion on UCPD’s presence on UChicago’s campus, secure a press pass to meet Katy Perry, or cover the developing news on campus reopening policies, don’t hesitate to head on over to The Maroon’s virtual meetings and write away. 

More inclined to embrace laughs brought on by the power of satire? Or just a fan of The Onion? Lend The Shady Dealer a hand in reporting on fake news revolving around UChicago and features. Who knows, maybe Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris for the presidency and himself for vice president will be the breaking news of the century. 

The University itself offers opportunities for aspiring writers. UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media (UCIJAM) is a Career Advancement program that helps students touch up their resumes and find job opportunities for those pursuing a career in media coverage, museum curation, publishing houses, and more. Throughout the year, UCIJAM also coordinates events, visits, guest speakers, and meet-ups for burgeoning UChicago journalists. In addition, The University of Chicago Press provides internship opportunities for those who want to learn more about academic publishing.  

For the inner poet, the unceasing daydreamer, or the reminiscing nostalgia-lover, Sliced Bread, UChicago’s largest literary magazine, publishes short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and art to “provide a slice of everything being produced on the University of Chicago campus.” With poems featured on the “Bread Beat” section and artist talks on “Breaking Bread,” the magazine showcases the talent of photographers, authors, and the casual thinker—and you can catch their publication parties at Hallowed Grounds every quarter! 

Meanwhile, Memoryhouse semi-annually publishes student work in creative non-fiction and visual art, setting itself apart from other publications with its spoken-word performance ensemble, Memento. Euphony, on the other hand, publishes poetry and prose by members of the UChicago community as well as accomplished writers nationwide. The journal’s print issues come out every winter and spring, while online content is released year-round. Conversely, MODA is a quarterly publication that was recognized as “one of the best college fashion publications in the nation” by Teen Vogue in 2013. The magazine and its associated blog cover the most important fashion news and trends.  

The Gate, sponsored by UChicago’s Institute of Politics (IOP), offers plenty of opportunities to write about politics on a local, national, or international level, regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum. Research the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, criticize the lights out of the 2020 presidential candidates, or give your two cents on how pop culture involves and rejects politics. 

And what about dessert? For those whose appetites know no boundaries (and somehow magically grow extra room at the mention of dessert), Bite is UChicago’s hub of features, recipes, and reviews. Published as both a quarterly print culinary magazine and an online blog, Bite is perfect for anyone interested in food writing or photography. Explore the range of cultural dishes Chicago has to offer, from tacos at Pilsen to the best pho noodles in Little Vietnam to the best ice cream flavor at Jeni’s at Wicker Park.  

And that’s just the start! Overwhelmed by all these options? Write for any of these RSOs, and we’ll get you caught up to speed right away.