June 14, 2021


8 a.m.

Graduation Issue | Newsletter for June 14

The Class of 2021 has graduated! We’re excited to watch them achieve great things. 🎊

You can read the Graduation Issue here.

As an unusual academic year comes to its conclusion and seniors leave college, we caught up with four graduating members of The Maroon: former editor-in-chief Emma Dyer, former News editors Tony Brooks and Darcy Kuang, and former Viewpoints columnist Matthew Pinna.

Many things happened in the past four years for the Class of 2021. The Maroon compiled a four-year retrospective mix ’n’ match to refresh your memories of those moments, from GSU’s unionization to the lockdown of campus just over a year ago.

For some students planning to attend graduate school, the end of their time in the College will be just a small break in their academic careers. But over the course of the pandemic, some students rethought and changed their plans. The Maroon spoke to fourth-years who chose to—or chose not to—apply to graduate school during their final year as an undergraduate.


In Viewpoints

Editor Gage Gramlick writes in:

Former News editor Oren Oppenheim reflects on his time at UChicago, writing that kindness is key.

Former Viewpoints editor Alexa Perlmutter follows a literary thread through her time in the College.

Alvin Shi looks back on his career as a Viewpoints illustrator in one last illustration for The Maroon.


In Arts

Editor Wahid Al Mamun writes in:

What happens when you throw an annoying Soundcloud rapper into a classic murder mystery story? Find out more in our interview with playwright Devin Haas (A.B. ’21).

A B.A. thesis show with a twist—read former Arts editor Jad Dahshan's review of a visual arts B.A. Thesis show that soared above the constraints of a remote, socially-distanced year.