Ben Wiener


Nobel Laureate and Booth Professor Richard Thaler Hosts Seminar on New Edition of Behavioral Economics Book

Thaler explained how behavioral economics concepts apply to real-world situations such as organ donations or insurance policies.


November 26, 2021


1:31 p.m.

Paul Alivisatos Inaugurated as 14th University President

In his inaugural address, Alivisatos focused on the significance of realizing the University’s core values. He noted the inauguration is “far more than the welcoming of a new president, it reaffirms the values that shaped this university.”


November 2, 2021


9:47 p.m.

Local Representatives Join IOP to Discuss Gun Violence in Chicago

Speakers stressed the complex causes of violent crime and the importance of community-based solutions


October 21, 2021


8:18 p.m.