Charles Khosla


Hallowed Be Thy Name: Iron Maiden Slaughters the United Center

"The crowd cheered for the opening chimes of “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” the buoyant riffing of “The Trooper,” and, of course, the immortal opening to “The Number of the Beast,” punctuated by Dickinson’s trademark blood-curdling scream."


April 14, 2016

Knight of Cups a Heroic Feat of Cinema

"It’s a testament to Malick’s direction, as well as cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s eye, that the film can bring out the splendor of bare parking lots and cluttered roads."


March 31, 2016

Heavy metal greats slay at the Riveria

"The fact is that there’s no such thing as a bad Slayer show . . ."


February 22, 2016

Hateful Eight is Paradise City for fans of 70mm

"Filmed in 65 mm film using the same lens that captured the mighty chariot sequence in Ben Hur, The Hateful Eight is a gorgeous theatrical experience."


January 8, 2016