Darren Wan


Middle East meets Midwest in new Oriental Institute mini exhibit

"The fascination with Oriental exoticism that prevailed in the late 19th century was reflected in the World’s Fair..."


May 18, 2015

Art imitates life science in the installation pieces of David Brooks

“This subverts the stasis of a monumental sculpture, since here was something that’s meant to change over time.”


May 8, 2015

Art Institute finds common ground in religious prints


April 17, 2015

Closeted/Out (re)collects a century of stories from UC's LGBTQ history

"While the collection of documents and artifacts were engrossing, it was the recorded interviews with alumni, faculty, and staff—available on iPads stationed throughout the exhibit—that brought Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles to life."


April 14, 2015

For the first time Café Logan features a student's photo exhibition

"As innovation is often set alongside tradition, these tensions manifest clearly in his photography"


February 27, 2015

In break from Reg-ular study grind, the Reg offers day of fun and workshops


February 12, 2015

Parson reimagines Beckett's classic tragicomedy

Despite minor flaws, Parson's interpretation of Waiting for Godot captures the universality of waiting


February 3, 2015

Panel puts spotlight on city lighting


January 27, 2015