Graison Hensley-Chapman


Admin to post Student Life Fee breakdown online after Student Government complaint

The University will post the breakdown by the time parents receive their next tuition bill, a move made in response to SG concerns that the decision to consolidate fees will diminish University transparency.


May 22, 2009

Student Activities Fee to make up for sports funding shortfall

The Student Activities Fee will cover the $39,000 shortfall in funding for club sports for next year.


May 12, 2009

Chef shows off sustainable food

Melissa Graham, local caterer and founder of Purple Asparagus, a non-profit that focuses on using sustainable products and cooking methods, visited the University’s International House kitchen Sunday morning for a cooking demonstration with organic …


April 28, 2009

Latke-Hamantash editor dies

Ruth Fredman Cernea, a cultural anthropologist best known to the students as the editor of a collection of speeches on the University’s annual Latke-Hamantash Debate, died March 31


April 17, 2009

Sennett discusses third world

Richard Sennett (A.B. '64), a professor of urban sociology at the London School of Economics and NYU, led a wide-ranging student discussion Friday, touching on issues from the environmental impact of developing nations' rising middle class to his ow…


April 14, 2009