Hannah Fine


Author Byatt interprets character development

Byatt described her talk as addressing “what I, as a child, called ‘making up people.’”


October 19, 2010

Diplomats tour campus

Students led tours of the University from Hull Gate to Harper Library, where the ambassadors heard about the University’s global role.


May 18, 2010

English department drops Critical Perspectives

The English Department will no longer offer its required course Critical Perspectives next year due to a scheduling fluke.


April 9, 2010

America still important in Middle East peace, panelists say

On trip through U.S. college campuses, two Middle East policy experts are encouraging moderation and support for a two-state solution brokered by the United States.


February 26, 2010

Cafés’ trash could be lunch for homeless, group says

While the group reached out to most coffee shops on campus, some, like the Divinity School’s, said they were concerned they might be held liable for food they donate that later spoils


February 23, 2010

Hyde Park alderman wins Cook County Board President primary

Preckwinkle won nearly 50 percent of the vote out of a field of four, with twice as many votes as her closest competitor.


February 5, 2010

Lab School proposal evokes memories of failed Doctors Hospital bid

Hyde Parkers are recalling tension and politicking with the University after the Lab School announced tentative plans to build a new building on the site of the Doctors Hospital.


February 2, 2010

Faculty propose academic areas for 60 new hires

Faculty will increase one percent each year over the next five years at a time when other universities are freezing faculty sizes.


January 22, 2010

With new Jewish Studies Center, meshuggeners and menschen will come together

More than 40 of the faculty are members of the Center, including those from the history, law, and music departments.


January 15, 2010

Booth students find jobs in uncommon places

More students are pursuing jobs in a greater variety of industries, especially health care, energy, and education.


November 13, 2009