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The only way to prove that you were there when it all happened.


December 1, 2009

thenewno2 hops from London to L.A.

thenewno2--fronted by George Harrison's son--had a backstage discussion with the Maroon about rainy weather and L.A.'s traffic apocalypse.


November 17, 2009

Innovative Modern Wing gives cutting edge art fitting home

The Art Institute's new Modern Wing embodies the past, present, and future of Chicago’s artistic and architectural culture.


May 15, 2009

Modern Treasures puts gems of 20th century mass media photography on display

Drawing on the collections of Chicago collectors as well as the Museum’s own, the Art Institute’s new exhibit, Photography on Display: Modern Treasures, offers a good survey of early 20th-century photography as it evolved from a utilitarian medium t…


May 12, 2009

Chicago Cultural Center’s surreal Sorrows warns of environment’s swan song

For local artist Eleanor Speiss-Ferris, swans symbolize the natural world and express her indignation at human beings’ mistreatment of it.


May 1, 2009

Works on Paper renders compelling sketch of 20th century artistic innovation

The Art Institute's Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper is a remarkable prelude to the opening of the museum's new modern wing.


April 10, 2009

Trustee chairman resigns after customary six years, will still lead Medical Center board

James Crown, chairman of the University Board of Trustees, worked to secure federal funding for research.


February 17, 2009

MUNUC convention simulates diplomatic crises for high school students

When students at MUNUC learned that Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province, they decided to conduct an air strike, killing Bin Laden.


February 10, 2009

At Smart, Siskind’s writings reveal The Thing Itself

In the Smart Museum's new exhibit, the combination of the artist's writings and art works gives viewers a feel for what Siskind was trying to convey in his photographs.


January 23, 2009

St. Cecilia celebrates the sight of music

It seems logical that artist Joseph Grigely would feature lipreading as a central theme in his work; after all, he has been deaf since childhood.


November 25, 2008