Tianyuan Deng


MFA exhibitions spotlight talent

Logan's ongoing MFA exhibitions create community around UChicago arts.


April 23, 2013

At Franke Institute, writer David Shields on the defensive

Responding to student questions at a talk on campus Monday, Shields said, “I have already answered the question, and I would not reinscribe that.”


April 19, 2013

In seeking a city, AIC’s latest misses connection

The Art Institute of Chicago's latest exhibit, They Seek A City, misses the opportunity to situate universal themes of otherness in the present, and instead focuses on "turbulent and often tragic pasts."


April 12, 2013

At Logan, directorial screening keeps the true Bird out

Director Xan Aranda spoke at the Logan Center about her documentary, Andrew Bird: Fever Year, which follows the titular musician over the course of a year.


February 26, 2013

At Logan, Schutter's frame subsumes its subject

A new exhibit's main attraction is four gray canvases which serve to emphasize the nature of representation and the act of looking.


February 19, 2013

Penn offers the AIC plenty to chew on (and spit out)

Irving Penn gets gum all over his couture camera in new exhibit.


January 25, 2013

Quaytman critiques a campus institution from within

The Renaissance Society celebrates and studies its history in self-referential show.


January 15, 2013