About The Chicago Maroon

Eleanor Hyun, Editor-in-Chief
Sarah Manhardt, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

The Maroon Editorial Board consists of the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, and editors of The Maroon.

Marta Bakula, editor
Maggie Loughran, editor
Isaac Easton, deputy editor
Annie Nazzaro, deputy editor
Raymond Fang, features editor
Lorentz Hansen, associate editor
Tamar Honig, associate editor
Brandon Lee, associate editor
Eileen Li, associate editor
Adam Thorp, associate editor
Alec Goodwin, senior editor
Isaac Stein, senior writer
Wendy Lee, senior writer
Katherine Vega, senior writer

Sarah Zimmerman, editor
Kayleigh Voss, editor
Sophia Vojta, associate editor
Kiran Misra, senior editor

Andrew McVea, editor
Ellen Rodnianski, editor
MJ Chen, associate editor
Hannah Edgar, associate editor
Grace Hauck, associate editor
James Mackenzie, senior editor

Helen Petersen, editor
Zachary Themer, editor
Katie Anderson, associate editor
Britta Nordstrom, associate editor
Tatiana Fields, senior editor

Grey City
Evangeline Reid, Editor-in-Chief

Annie Cantara, head designer
Euirim Choi, creative associate
Katie Bart, designer
Kelsey Dunn, designer
Emily Harwell, designer
Stephanie Liu, designer
Wei Yi Ow, designer
Morganne Ramsey, designer
Elle Rathbun, designer
Kaitlyn Shen, designer
Julia Xu, designer
Jen Xue, designer

Hannah Rausch, head editor
Erica Sun, head editor
Michelle Zhao, head editor
Morganne Ramsey, head editor
Megan Daknis, editor
Rebecca Kuang, editor
Kyra Martin, editor
Rebecca Naimon, editor
Lauren Scott, editor
Delana Tavakol, editor
Putter Thepkanjana, editor
Julia Xu, editor
Sam Zoeller, editor

Forrest Sill, editor

Annie Asai, director of web development
Preethi Raju, web developer
Kim Holmgren, web developer

Vishal Talasani, director of data analysis

Zoe Kaiser, editor
Ahona Mukherjee, assistant editor
Zinan Wang, director of photography

Amber Love, editor
Stacey Reimann, associate editor

Social Media
Emily Harwell, editor

Nicolas Lukac, chief financial officer
Ananya Pillutla, vice chief financial officer

Ben Veres, director of operations
Patrick Quinn, director of strategy
Andrew Ahn, co-director of marketing
Eitan Rude, co-director of marketing
Emily Reinherz, director of human resources

Lena Woo, operations associate
Jerry Chen, operations associate
Nicolas Zuleta, strategy associate
Audrey Mang, strategy associate
Andrew Young, marketing associate
Jeanne Marie Fishkin, account manager

Harry Backlund, Distributor

Contact Information

The Chicago Maroon
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Newsroom Phone: (773) 702-1403
Business Phone: (773) 702-9555

Business Hours:
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If you want to get involved in The Maroon in any way, see this page for more information and feel free to reach out to specific sections at the addresses below.

Editor-in-Chief: editor@chicagomaroon.com
Managing Editor: managingeditor@chicagomaroon.com
Chief Financial Officer: cfo@chicagomaroon.com

News: news@chicagomaroon.com
Viewpoints: viewpoints@chicagomaroon.com
Sports: sportsmaroon@gmail.com
Photography: photo@chicagomaroon.com
Design: design@chicagomaroon.com
Web: online@chicagomaroon.com
Copy Editing: copy@chicagomaroon.com
Advertising: ads@chicagomaroon.com
Human Resources: apply@chicagomaroon.com

The Chicago Maroon is published twice weekly during autumn, winter, and spring quarters.

Circulation: 6,800

The Chicago Maroon welcomes opinions and responses from its readers. The editors reserve the right to edit materials for clarity and space. Letters to the editor should be limited to 400 words. Op-ed submissions, 800 words.

Send op-ed submissions and letters to:

The Chicago Maroon
Attn: Viewpoints Editor
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E-mail: [email protected]

Instructions for applying to be a Viewpoints columnist, illustrator, or editorial cartoonist can be found here.

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