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An O-week procession.

Dear First-Years: The World Has Slowed Down. So Can We.

By Maroon Editorial Board / September 27, 2020
The Maroon Editorial Board urges incoming students to prioritize rest and community-building as they begin their time at UChicago—not just academics.

To Succeed at UChicago, Build Your Life from The Inside Out

By Ruby Rorty, Co-Editor-in-Chief / September 24, 2020
During a virtual quarter, resist the temptation to lead a virtual life.

Creating One’s Place

By Devin Haas / September 24, 2020
Belonging at UChicago is an act of creation, not discovery.

DM For Friendship

By Elizabeth Winkler / September 24, 2020
To form meaningful connections during a mostly remote quarter, you’ll have to take some risks.
Welcome to UChicago. Welcome to America.

Welcome to UChicago, Welcome to America

By Emma Weber / September 23, 2020
Incoming international students, you are a welcome and important part of the UChicago community.

To Rising Black First-Years

By Noah Tesfaye / September 23, 2020
Tips for making the most out of your time at UChicago.

The Skill We All Need Most Right Now Is Self-Care

By Ada Palmer / September 23, 2020
During a difficult and unprecedented fall, rest will become more important than ever.

A Summer of Change in Sports

By Brinda Rao, Alison Gill, and Thomas Gordon / September 23, 2020
The Maroon sports editors look back at a turbulent spring and summer for athletics to start the school year.

Gems From O-Issues Past

By The Maroon Staff and Justin Smith / September 22, 2020
Have you finished O-Issue 2020 and found yourself craving more? Here are some of the best articles from The Maroon's O-Issues past.

When You Need a (Virtual) Hand: Resources at UChicago

By Matthew Lee and Pranathi Posa / September 22, 2020
Feeling lost as you get started? This helpful list of resources available to University students can help you settle in.
Harper Court on 53rd Street.

The University’s Expansion into Commercial Real Estate Wavers Between Economic Catalyst and Gentrifying Force

By Kate Mabus / September 22, 2020
In recent years, the University has moved its local investments from residential properties to commercial real estate, such as Harper Court and Jewel Osco.
A secret agent and criminal face off on a train in Much Commotion about Locomotion, written by Jacob Johnson and Gabriel Schneider.

The Curtain Rises: Theater on Campus

By Gabi Garcia, Arts Editor / September 16, 2020
With dozens of performances each quarter, there’s something for everyone—tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, or poem unlimited.
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