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The University of Chicago’s Independent Student Newspaper since 1892

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The Arts Podcast, E1: Taylor Swift and Her Tortured Poets

By Elizabeth Eck, Nolan Shaffer, and Tiffany Li / June 8, 2024

Arts is starting a new podcast! On Episode 1 of the Arts Podcast, Elizabeth, Nolan, and Tiffany discuss Taylor Swift’s latest album, The Tortured Poets Department. Tune in to hear their reactions, spicy...

Special Report: Interviews from May 3 Encampment Protests

By Gregory Caesar, William Kimani, and Jake Zucker / May 4, 2024

Podcasts conducted a series of interviews on the quad as pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protesters faced off on day five of the encampment. They spoke with faculty, members of student government on both...

The Maroon Weekly, E118

By Gregory Caesar, Tiffany Li, and Jake Zucker / April 16, 2024

On Episode 118, Greg and Jake are joined in the studio by Tiffany, a second-year who is joining the section. She tells us about the new contract that Facilities Services workers reached with the University....

Special Series: Undergraduate Student Government, E1

By Jake Zucker, Head Podcasts Editor / April 2, 2024

On the first episode of a new mini-series covering Undergraduate Student Government (USG) here on campus, Jake talks to USG President Jefferson Lind about his experience in the role. They discuss upcoming...

The Maroon Weekly, E117

By Celeste Alcalay, Gregory Caesar, and Jake Zucker / March 29, 2024

On Episode 117, Celeste shares her insights into new agreements reached between the administration and nurses and graduate students, averting multiple potential strikes. We also discuss a recent settlement...

So What Brings You Here: O-Week for Transfers

By Celeste Alcalay and Erica Cai / March 20, 2024

On their second episode, Celeste and Erica discuss navigating O-week as a transfer — from awkward first impressions over Zoom to extravagantly fancy lunches — with guest Saia Patel, a transfer student...

The Maroon Weekly, E116

By Gregory Caesar and Jake Zucker / March 20, 2024

On Episode 116, Greg and Jake discuss cultural issues facing the cross country team, more perspectives on University finances, and a recent Maroon piece analyzing the political contributions of faculty. Featuring:...

The Maroon Weekly, E115

On Episode 115, a couple new voices join us in the studio.  Michael Plunkett, Lead Developer for the Maroon's Data section, told us about the work he did to create a map that updates every day with crime...

The Maroon Weekly, E114

On Episode 114, we are joined by recent alumnus and former Podcast section member Carter Beckstein! We hear from him about what he's been up to since graduation, and we discuss labor issues with the UCMed,...

The Maroon Weekly, E113

On Episode 113, we discuss the now-infamous Moongate and the impact that Sidechat has on campus. We also chart the discourse around University's finances, as seen in the Maroon's Viewpoints section,...

So What Brings You Here: The Transfer Experience

By Celeste Alcalay and Erica Cai / January 12, 2024

On their first episode, Celeste and Erica discuss what it's like to be a transfer student at UChicago with Aron, who transferred here from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.   Hosted by:...

Special Report: Interviews with Pro-Israeli and Pro-Palestinian Protesters

The following is a series of audios recorded on the main quad of the University of Chicago on Thursday, October 19, 2023. It features interviews with pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli community members...

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