Grey City

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Grey City chases The Maroon Rabbit, part of the transmedia game “The Project”, through magical portals, chilling initiations, and a cathartic finale this spring quarter.

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Under the Table

The identities behind campus foodie culture: From Robert Lipman and The Hearth to underground apartment dinners and UChicago marketing strategies.

Philosophy professor Gabriel Lear convinces a room full of undergraduates why they should care what Aristotle says about virtue.

Harboring the Humanities

We go inside the Humanities Division, the history of the Common Core, the Graduate Aid Initiative, and double majors to understand why the Humanities will always have a strong home at the University of Chicago.

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Pierce: A view for the ages

The current Henderson House president excavates a Pierce history as residents past and present prepare for the tower’s demolition, scheduled for summer 2013.

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New Kids on the Block

Grey City sat down with five new faculty members appointed within the last year and half: Kenneth Pomeranz (history), Amie Wilkinson (mathematics), Patrick Jagoda (English), Nicolas Brunel (statistics and neurobiology), and Paul Nealey (the new Institute for Molecular Engineering). You might not know their names yet. But you may well soon.

Donald Liu with his daughter, Amelie.

Remembering Doctor Liu

Donald Liu drowned last August after saving two children swept out into Lake Michigan. He was survived by a wife, three children, countless patients, and the next generation of pediatric surgeons at Comer’s Children’s Hospital.

TOP-RIGHT: John Nef and Charles Morazé, Saul Bellow, Stephen Toulmin, and Karl Weintraub

We Have Met the Committee and It Is They

The Committee on Social Thought is one of UChicago’s signature programs. Its members you’ve probably read in your Core classes. Its students have likely been your professors. But it’s as hard to define as it is prestigious.

The Way Things Work: “Sustainability” on Campus

The University’s Office of Sustainability was created in 2008. Since then, its staff have been fixing up the Quads’ oldest buildings, tracking greenhouse emissions, and changing lightbulbs all over campus. But how does it pick its projects—and how can we tell they’re doing any good?

Q&A: Nicolas Brunel

“The idea is basically to use quantitative tools from applied mathematics, statistics, and physics to try to understand how the brain works.”

Q&A: Paul Nealey

“And then you get here and realize it may be one of the biggest initiatives the University has taken in maybe 50 or 80 years, and you go, ‘OK. This is serious.’”

Q&A: Patrick Jagoda

“Can a video game be as good as a novel in the ways that a novel is as good? No, of course not. But videogames can do things that other forms can’t.”

Q&A: Amie Wilkinson

“In the back of my mind I thought if I don’t get a job I could go work on Wall Street. A lot of people I know did that and got very rich and created the mess we had.”

Q & A with Marlon Lynch

The head of the University’s private police force talks about how U of C crime differs from other places and what it’s like to be in charge of the safety of others.

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Goodnight and goodluck

Let Grey City, the Maroon’s quarterly magazine, take you back to the glory days of Hyde Park night life. Although Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap is still around, gone are the days of Saul Bellow and Dylan Thomas raising their glasses there, and 50 years have passed since Second City—and improv comedy itself—was founded in the bar’s back room.

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A matter of (mis)understanding

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel entered talks with the University on Hyde Park development and city permits, what emerged was the Memorandum of Understanding: a nine-page document that outlines a collaboration between the city and the University on $1.7 billion worth of capital projects. But despite its heft, the MOU is already encountering rough scrutiny from the community.

Logan on the rise

Standing like an obelisk just south of the Midway, the Logan Arts Center is receiving finishing touches before its opening in the spring. Although administrators say that the building will be a—not the—center for arts on campus, the resources it provides are bound to make it dwarf any other creative space at the U of C.


Positively 53rd Street

The Harper Court development promises some additions that would be normal for any college area—a movie theater, hotel, and 24-hour diner, just to name a few. But what’s unique about the project isn’t just that it centralizes all of these necessities; it’s bringing them all to Hyde Park for the first time.

The Way Things Work: Opening a small business in Hyde Park

From documents like Chicago’s “3 Simple Steps to Obtain a Business License” (which actually lists 10 not-so-simple steps) to maneuvering through eight different city, state, and federal agencies, Grey City traces the paths of several successful small businesses in Hyde Park.


Nance works the body

SG President. Truman Scholar. Gates Scholar. Marathon runner. Boxer. Entrepreneur. Community servant. Greg Nance is a man on a mission.