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Weekly Review September 3

UCMC approved to begin two major projects, Hyde Park restaurant scene shake-ups, International Innovation Corps launches in India.

Trauma drama

Students have been disingenuous and administrators absent—both must learn from mistakes in order to break the stalemate.

New politician gets UC Dems’ vote

052014 NWS Guzzardi (Frank Yan)

Democratic candidate for the 39th District of the Illinois House Will Guzzardi returned to campus to speak to students about his career and vision for Chicago.

Chain of command

Student protestor explains the motives for yesterday’s protest and calls the UCMC to action.

Centering around progress

Far from simply “shaming” those in charge, trauma center activists cultivate ties with local figures and groups working toward change.

A new trauma epicenter

If activists want to see a trauma center on the South Side, they may want to take their cause to City Hall.

Engage thy neighbor

Maya Headshot

The University must make a sustained and meaningful attempt to extend a hand to members of the South Side community.

Prosecutors back down, trial ends

On Friday, the three protestors arrested and charged during the January 27 protest accepted revised versions of plea-bargains offered on Tuesday, ending the trial.

Uncommon Interview: Toussaint Losier

022613 NWS Toussaint (Sydney Combs)_1

Graduate student and trauma care activist Toussaint Losier talks about his arrest, the future of the trauma center campaign, and the chance encounter that led to a private meeting with President Zimmer.

Four arrested in trauma center protest

Students and community members protested the UCMC’s lack of an adult trauma care center yesterday afternoon. Witnesses said the peaceful sit-in quickly turned violent when UCPD arrived.