Oh boy!

By Tim Murphy

This was scene outside the Ray School this morning, where I cast my first ever election day vote. There wasn’t much of a line at 10:30–a fair number of students and lots of old people, which I think is a fairly accurate sampling of Hyde Park.The rush of voting for not one, not two, but three managers of the municipal water fountain (is that an elected office?) quickly turned to frustration when, upon handing in my top-secret oversized ballot, I was handed a bland “Ballot Receipt.” What ever happened to the “I voted!” stickers? I won’t go so far as to say that people vote because they receive stickers afterward, but it’s definitely an incentive. Plus they look really snappy, and, honestly, what good is a stupid receipt?Also of note: The illustration on the instruction card depicts a ballot in which John Adams, James Madison, and James Monroe are all competing for the Democratic nomination. This is an open invitation for voter fraud because A.) Unlike Madison and Monroe, Adams was a Federalist, and B.) If you’re allowed to vote for dead candidates, it would logically follow that you’d allow dead people to vote for said candidates. No wonder Daley keeps on getting reelected.Apparently, Obama will be voting in Kenwood at around 1:30 this afternoon. This was lousy news for our Maroon photographers who were up before the crack of dawn in anticipation of an early vote.