Alec blogged (here and

By Tim Murphy

Alec blogged (here and here) about Alderman Leslie Hairston’s plan to eliminate the #171 bus stop on the corner of 57th and South University and replace it with four (four!) parking spots. This is, of course, ridiculous not just because it means unnecessarily re-routing an entire bus route, but also because Hairston is operating under the misguided notion that cars should actually be driving on that pedestrian-heavy stretch 57th street—with the Reg, Barlett, and Max Palevsky on one side and the Reynolds Club and the entire Quad on the other, it’s safe to say that any reasonable person would just kind of avoid that stretch of pavement in general.Anyway, we have “full team coverage” in today’s Maroon. Supriya provides the full news story while Tom takes a more partisan approach. More to come Friday as well. We will not rest until Leslie Hairston agrees to quit her job and drive the #171 bus full-time.