Only in Chicago


By Alec Brandon

Speaking of election fraud, Chicago—the city that has come to define election fraud—and the city’s Democratic Party has hit a new low with its nomination of Todd Stroger to replace his father who won the nomination.Now Hammond was extremely active in campaigning for Forrest Claypool, the elder-Stroger’s competitor in the Democratic primary. The jist of the situation is that Stroger—the incumbent Cook County Board president—is a machine Democrat who wastes more money on patronage then on doing anything for the people he represents. Claypool was a reformer with a pretty solid record. I even agreed with Hammond’s assessment of the situation, and trust me, that is saying something.Anyways, right before the primary Stroger suffered a stroke. He won it anyways, but soon after withdrew because of his health.Now in a classic move, Stroger’s son has been nominated by Democratic committeemen. When receiving the nomination today, Todd Stroger’s remarks were great:

Stroger told committeemen of his background as a legislator and an alderman and said he has “a genuine passion for county government” and would not use the position as a “stepping stone” for a higher office.He said he was “proud of the Stroger legacy” and has had a “long-term interest in county government that comes with being raised a Stroger.”But, he said, “I am my own person.”

You don’t have to read in between the lines to see what he is really saying. Stroger will keep up the patronage his father was famous for, so other committeemen—the ones who nominated him—don’t have to worry about not brining home the bacon. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.