Bozeman-Evans appointed associate dean

By Ariella Omholt

Pamela Bozeman-Evans, the director of the University Community Service Center (UCSC), was recently appointed an associate dean of students in the University.

She has long been a member of the University community. Bozeman-Evans and her husband Andre Evans are currently resident heads of Chamberlin House in Burton-Judson Courts. Bozeman-Evans also serves as a sexual assault dean on call.

Her relationship with UCSC began in 1997. Since then, her contributions to the Center have included the creation of the highly successful Summer Links internship program and a number of important community partnerships. In October 2001, she was named director of UCSC.

“As associate dean, I get to concentrate more on how to institutionalize service at the University by creating more programs for faculty and staff and making more connections with the nonprofit sector,” Bozeman-Evans said.

The UCSC was created in 1992 as an RSO to help foster an active culture of community service at the University. The organization worked with the surrounding community to create a variety of volunteer experiences for University students. Since then, the University has responded to enthusiastic students by giving UCSC a formal office, providing a formal link between the University community, and various volunteer opportunities. Activities offered through the Center include the popular Summer Links internships the Neighborhood Schools Program, as well as work study opportunities in community-based agencies.

“A big part of my job is to create a culture of service,” Bozeman-Evans said.

The center plans to promote a more well- developed culture of service throughout the campus for the future. Specifically, Bozeman-Evans will provide direction regarding matters of social justice and community building. She will also oversee Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention, which provides education and referral resources for survivors of sexual violence.

“There was a natural growth and development in RSVP and it happened to fit under our umbrella of community service,” Bozeman-Evans said.